Company Profile
Development plan

Strategic positioning:

Bigger, stronger, to do good, to win the wave power technology development into a national and global competitiveness of solar PV manufacturing industry.


The overall objective:

2011 is a national "five" plan the first year, but also the wave power, Zhejiang New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. won the first "Five-Year Plan" of the start of the year. The country's "second five" is the theme of scientific development, to accelerate the transformation of economic development as the main line. Wave power technology will always win the scientific development concept, closely around the state's economic development plan, in order to win business and employees as the goal, to brand creation and direction of the domestic market share, to expand foreign markets for the engine, the development of wave power wins Technology first "five-Year Plan," the overall goal:

(1) in brand building, with 3-5 years time to develop branded channels, and actively explore creating "world brand", trying to win a world wave power quality solar cell manufacturers.

(2) market development, and always pay attention to and observation of domestic and foreign markets, while the completion of the investigation and analysis of domestic solar photovoltaic industry, based on the consolidation, expansion of the existing domestic market; the other hand, will rely on international sales and business cooperation in the form of standardized marketing system, combined with the company's actual development, and actively explore the domestic market, the wave power wins solar cells all over the country till the world, the real "inside and outside wall with flower fragrance."

(3) in the talent pool, Careers, merit appointment, efforts to improve the wave power wins the living standards of people, businesses and staff to realize the benefit and common development.


Status and prospects:

(1) a substantial investment has been put into early August 2011, mainly produces monocrystalline solar cells, the annual production capacity of 50MW, sales market across the country.

(2) The two will continue to expand investment and increase cell lines to meet market demand.

(3) to enhance the independent development and design capabilities, increase investment in technology leadership, improve product quality and management level, through the "design innovation, technological innovation, management innovation," the implementation of three innovative, to create the same industry-leading level.