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Surging tide, vying.

Beacon in the global economy to "energy saving", "low-carbon economy" of the situation, the solar energy as a clean, renewable energy, popular interest and attention around the world, China will also be solar represent the future of renewable energy as an important component of low-carbon economy. At present, China has formed a complete industrial chain of photovoltaic solar energy.

Zhejiang Bonny wins New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is in energy conservation, low-carbon economy context, at all levels of government and the community's strong support and advocacy came into being. Here, on behalf of wave power, Zhejiang New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. wins the staff, to all levels of government, community and domestic and international customers to extend my sincere greetings and express our heartfelt thanks!


Facing the constantly changing international economic competition, wave victory thanks to goals of national sustainable development strategy policy, committed to producing high-quality strategy, Lishui City, Zhejiang became the first specialized in solar cell production and sales of single-crystal high-tech enterprise annual production capacity of 50MW, are sold all over the country. Wave power technology to win quality and reliable products, reasonable price advantage, more and more to win customers close friends.

Looking ahead, full of confidence.

Wave power, Zhejiang New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. wins all the staff of grasping unity, enterprising and innovative spirit of the contrarian. We need to tireless efforts and persistent innovation, we need scientific research to enhance the independent development and design capability to continuously enhance and improve product quality, stable friendship and cooperation with our customers bridge; need to establish a unique wave power wins best brand culture, enhance team cohesion, and strengthen the sense of service to adapt to the market; need to implement and realize the importance of sustainable development strategy, expanding the domestic market and gradually penetrate the international market, China's national industry position to add luster.

The coming days, wave power wins were convinced: the effective cooperation of the knowledge structure is the enterprise survival and development of unique magic. Only if we change the thinking, new ideas, improve quality, we can have an even broader market. As the information economy, global integration, "Careers, the amount of material appointment" is the wave power wins the eternal strategy, we will be more enthusiasm into wave power wins the vigorous development, and willing to work with the community all friends sincere cooperation, hand in hand, grasp the opportunity for a better tomorrow.

Wave power win all my colleagues sincerely welcome the community to join us, you are welcome to become partners in the current wave power wins, those who win the future, the era of beach-goers!


Wang chairman of bolisheng technology:(Autograph scan)