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German Chancellor said it would consider further cut subsidies for solar electricity
Date:2011-10-9  Information sources:Zhejiang bolisheng new eneagy technology co.,ltd.

Reuters, the German website reported on 5 October, German Chancellor Angela Merkel CDU party in Magdeburg conference that will consider further reduce solar subsidies. She said that in the fast wind has been profitable today, the photovoltaic power generation still subsidies. Although the German government has slashed subsidies for photovoltaic power generation, but "I think, I am afraid we must take further action." Merkel's statements of background, the photovoltaic power generation accounted for only 2% of electricity generation in Germany, it takes up Government subsidies for new energy half of the total. Merkel criticized the Road, "the proportion is very unreasonable." As the subsidies, the German import large quantities of Chinese-made solar power, which caused the German industry's dissatisfaction. Merkel suggested Germany could be considered the future of solar electricity imported from Greece, where sunshine is more abundant.