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Greece reached the end of the $ 27 billion solar project agreement
Date:2011-10-9  Information sources:Zhejiang bolisheng new eneagy technology co.,ltd.

Energy Minister George Papacon stantinou Greece said on Friday that he expected to be reached before the end of the year 20 billion euros (equivalent to $ 27 billion) solar project, which is the Greek government's economic stimulus plan.

Papa Constantin Dinu, said he planned with EU officials as well as a renewable energy company (responsible for the Helios project delivery) signed an agreement, the project idea is to attract overseas investors in Greece up to 10GW of installed solar panels . He said in an interview today:“I have been with three German ministers and EU officials talk about this project, and we can reach a framework agreement before the end of optimism.”

This solar project is the Greek part of the economic recovery plan, the country's economy in 2011 could fall more than 5%, because the government has taken measures to reduce spending to avoid sovereign debt default.

Papa Constance in Germany, Economy Minister Dinu Philip - Roeselare (Philipp Roesler) made ​​the comments when they visit, which will today sign an agreement, the content is cooperation between Germany and Greece, cut bureaucracy, support renewable energy and to support tourism. More than 70 officials, accompanied by Rossler's visit to Greece, most of which comes from the energy industry. German Finance Minister Wolfgang - Schaeuble (Wolfgang Schaeuble) has said in the previous recommendations, Greece should focus on the renewable energy industry to look for growth opportunities.

Greek National Investment Agency (Investin Greece) last month said the country will soon be the implementation of three solar power projects, these projects total investment of 1 billion euros (about $ 1.37 billion) to help the Greek economy to achieve recovery. Analysts pointed out that Greece's relatively strong solar radiation, and utility companies and consumers pay the price of solar electricity is relatively high, which may make Greece a German competitor, which is Europe's largest solar energy market.

“Bloomberg New Energy Finance”Predicted that this year Greece's solar generating capacity may be increased by up to 600MW, equivalent to four times in 2010. The company's policy adviser, said Stelios Psomas, as of August, more than 200MW of installed solar power systems. Germany's largest solar panel maker Solarworld AG (SWV) CEO Frank Asbeck said the euro zone in the Helios solar industry project needs 20 billion euros in investments accounted for 5% ratio.